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PreACT Secure Calendar

March 20-24 &
March 27-31
Test window 1 - standard and accommodated testing                                                                        
April 3-7 &
April 10-14
Test window 2 - standard and accommodated testing
April 17-21 &
April 24-28
Test window 3 - standard and accommodated testing

Q: The first PreACT Secure test window overlaps with the second ACT test window (2023). May we administer PreACT Secure and ACT on the same date and at the same time?

A: DPI does not prohibit schools from administering multiple assessments at the same time, but please keep in mind the following before scheduling:

  • Administering ACT in window 2 reduces the opportunities for make-up testing
  • You must administer each assessment within the designated test windows. For instance, ACT on paper is only administered the first Tuesday of each window and online testing can only be administered Tuesday through Thursday, whereas PreACT Secure is administered online Monday through Friday.
  • Both PreACT Secure and the ACT must start no later than 10:30am.
  • Technology capacity must be considered. Do you have enough equipment for all students who will be testing? Do you have enough bandwidth for testing your entire student population at one time? DPI strongly encourages schools considering administering PreACT Secure and ACT together to contact your District Technology Coordinator before scheduling.