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Emergency Rule Published: Student Teaching Equivalency

Friday, November 17, 2023

The Department of Public Instruction published an emergency rule today in the Wisconsin State Journal defining equivalency for the length of student teaching.  Please note the print version of the paper contains the notice with strikethroughs and underlines.  A copy of the related scope statement can be accessed on the state legislative web site or you can access a preview copy of the PDF of the emergency rule order.  Emergency rules are in effect for 150 days.  They may be extended through up to two 60 day extensions requests.  Any extension requests from the department must be approved by the legislature.

UPDATE 11/20/23
The emergency rule, as well as the notice of submission of the permanent rule to the Rules Clearinghouse were published in today’s Administrative Rules Register (815A3).  EmR2315 is in effect and expires April 14, 2024 absent an extension.  The department can ask for up to two 60 day extensions..

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