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Administrator Licenses

State Budget Licensure Changes

Important NoticeEducators who hold a Professional or Master Educator license that was supposed to expire on June 30, 2018, DO NOT NEED TO APPLY to renew their license with credits or a PDP.  The state budget has removed the expiration dates from these licenses, and we are working to have license lookup reflect that.

Please visit the Latest Licensing News blog for information on the state budget's impact on licensure. All available information has been posted to the Latest Licensing News blog. Please Note: the first post relating to the new license rules was written September 22nd.

Under Wis. Admin. Code PI 34, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issues the following administration licenses.  The developmental level for all of these licenses is Early Childhood through Adolescence (EC-A), which corresponds to ages Birth – 21 and grades PK – 12.

Licenses Developmental Level
Principal EC-A
School District Administrator or Superintendent
Director of Instruction
Director of Special Education and Pupil Services
School Business Administrator
Career and Technical Education Coordinator
Reading Specialist
Instructional Library Media Supervisor
Instructional Program Coordinator, including:
  • Dean of Students
  • School to Work
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Title I
  • Children-at-risk
Non-instructional Program Coordinator, including:
  • Personnel
  • Research
  • Standards and Assessment
  • Athletics and co-curricular programs
  • School network administrator
  • Public relations
  • Other non-instructional positions as determined by local districts

Degree and Experience Requirements

Unless otherwise specified, applicants for licenses in the category of administration must have:

  1. Completion of a state-approved educator preparation program in the licensure area.
  2. A minimum of master’s degree or the equivalent. Superintendent license requires a specialist degree or equivalent; program coordinator licenses require a bachelor’s degree.
  3. A valid or eligibility to hold a Professional Educator License in teaching or pupil services. School business administrator and program coordinator licenses are waived from this requirement.
  4. Three years of successful full-time classroom teaching experience, or three years of successful experience as pupil services professional including 540 hours of classroom teaching experience. School business administrator and program coordinator licenses are waived from this requirement.

Licenses Issued Prior to July 2004

Five-year administrator licenses that were issued before Wis. Admin. Code PI 34 took effect in 2004 might have been issued for a position and/or grade level that are not listed above. Upon applications, these 5-year administrator licenses will be renewed as Professional Educator License. However, in some cases the position and/or grade level will remain as they were.

Seeking an Administrator License in Wisconsin?

Go to the Seeking an Administrator License page to learn how to obtain your Wisconsin administrative license.