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Educational Interpreter Licensure Requirements

State Budget Licensure Changes

Important NoticeEducators who hold a Professional or Master Educator license that was supposed to expire on June 30, 2018, DO NOT NEED TO APPLY to renew their license with credits or a PDP.  The state budget has removed the expiration dates from these licenses, and we are working to have license lookup reflect that.

Please visit the Latest Licensing News blog for information on the state budget's impact on licensure. All available information has been posted to the Latest Licensing News blog. Please Note: the first post relating to the new license rules was written September 22nd.

Obtaining an Educational Interpreter License

To issue an educational interpreter license for the first time, the department must review the applicant's application and transcripts to determine eligibility.  An applicant can apply for the license in ELO at:

An applicant is eligible for a regular license if all of the following course work is complete:

  • semester credits in the process of changing spoken English to ASL (voice-to-sign);
  • semester credits in the process of changing spoken English to signed English (transliterating);
  • semester credits in the process of changing signed text to spoken English (sign-to-voice).

Please note, the above course work is required before someone is eligible for a regular license unless the applicant has instead completed certification from the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). If the applicant does not meet the above course work or RID requirements, an emergency permit based on a request from a school district would be the only licensure option.

In addition to the above ASL/interpreting course work, additional "education" course work must also be completed. When the application is reviewed, any education-related course work that has not already been completed will be identified as course work stipulations and these stipulations must be completed during the period of the first five-year license in order to obtain a regular license (without stipulations).

For questions about this information, contact Ariana Baker

For information on renewing this license see this page: