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General Information for Teaching Licenses

Lifetime Licenses Created

Important Notice

As required in the 2017-18 state budget, conversion of current Professional and Master Educator licenses to Lifetime licenses is complete.  If you wish to print a copy of your Lifetime license, please follow the four numbered steps below:

  1. Access your ELO Account
  2. Navigate to the “Manage Your Existing Licenses” section of the Quick Start Menu
  3. Choose “Print license certificate” from the drop down menu and click “Go!”
  4. Based on your browser’s default behavior, a file will be available for you to open or download.

Unless otherwise specified, applicants for licenses in the category of teaching must have:

  1. Completed of a state-approved educator preparation program in the licensure area.
  2. A minimum of bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. Speech Language and Pathologist must have a master’s degree.

Phonics Requirements

Licenses in early childhood education, elementary education, reading teacher, and reading specialist require completion of training in the teaching of reading that includes phonics. Phonics is the teaching of reading using the phonic value of letters, letter groups and syllables.

Completion of phonics requirements is required before a license can be issued in the subject area mentioned above. This requirement can be fulfilled through university coursework, conferences, seminars, or workshops.

Licenses Issued Prior to July 2004

Five-year teaching licenses that were issued before Wis. Admin. Code PI 34 took effect in 2004 might have been issued for a subject and/or grade level that are not listed above. Upon applications, these 5-year teaching licenses will be renewed as Professional Educator License. However, in some cases the subject and/or grade level will remain as they were.

Some teaching licenses can be converted to a PI 34 subject and/or developmental level upon the educator’s request. While this is a not a required process, for more information about license conversion, please go to License Conversion.

Seeking a Teacher License in Wisconsin?

Go to the Pathways to Licensure page to learn how to obtain your Wisconsin teacher license.

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