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Experience-based Technical and Vocational Education Subjects Pathway

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Important Notice


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule.  Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.


Candidate Profile

  • Have training and/or experience in a trade, technical field, and/or vocational area
  • Have pedagogical training/experience
  • Have a district interested in hiring him/her to teach technical or vocational education subjects

Seeking an Experience-based Teacher License?

People who fit this pathway profile are being supported by a Wisconsin public school district to teach technical or vocational education in their school.  Technical education subjects include architecture and construction, biotechnology, broad-based technology education, communication and information technology, electronics, engineering, environmental technologies, manufacturing, power and energy, and transportation.  Vocational subjects include agriculture, child services, clothing services, food services, housing and equipment services, family and consumer education, family and consumer services, home economics-related occupations, health care-related occupations, business education, business and office, marketing education, and trade specialist.

Candidates must have training and/or experience in a technical or vocational field or a trade, as well as some training in how to teach (pedagogy). Qualification for this license is based on a system of points. Candidates must score at least 100 points, with at least 25 points for technical or vocational experience and at least 25 points for pedagogical experience.

Have questions about this pathway?  Please see the Frequently Asked Questions - Experience-Based Technical/Vocational Licensure webpage for more information.


If you fit this pathway profile:

  1. DETERMINE your eligibility by following the steps identified here: Experience-Based Technical or Vocational Education Subjects
  2. SELECT which experience-based license covers the subject areas your school district is requesting you to teach using the Experience-Based Subjects Crosswalk
  3. SEEK school district assistance in completing the PI-1623 Experience-Based Licensure for Technical or Vocational Education Subjects supplemental form
  4. APPLY for a license using the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) system.