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Veterans Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver Program - Act 209

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What is the Veterans Licensure Fee Waiver Program?

Wisconsin Act 209 (effective July 1, 2012) requires that the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) establish and maintain a program under which 13 licensing agencies, including Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), grant fee waivers to qualified veterans and service members when issuing initial licenses or permits.

Under this program:

  • Only one initial license fee waiver will be allowed per qualified applicant.
  • The fee waiver applies only to licenses that are issued to individuals, and not to licenses issues to businesses or other entities.
  • Waivers are not permitted for license renewals; they are for one initial license only.

Further information is on WDVA website: Veterans Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver Program.

How do I apply for the Fee Waiver?

The Wisconsin WDVA determines individual’s eligibility for this program. To qualify for a fee waiver, the individual must be:

  • A resident of Wisconsin
  • Either a veteran, a member of the National Guard or Reserves who has served under honorable conditions for at least one year beginning on the date of enlistment, or a person who was discharged from the Reserves or the National Guard with an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions.

The WDVA will issue a voucher to applicants who are deemed eligible for the fee waiver. To apply for a voucher, please visit WDVA’s Fee Waiver Eligibility web page.

Which DPI licenses can I apply for using the voucher?

After obtaining the voucher, you may redeem your voucher when applying for the first-time for any license or permit issued by DPI. The voucher cannot be used to renew a license or permit that you previously held. The voucher issued by WDVA is for one-time use only.

How do I redeem the voucher?

When you are filling out the primary transaction for a DPI license or permit in ELO, provide a copy of the voucher you received from the WDVA as an electronic attachment.  Once the transaction has been submitted without payment, please contact to request a Military Fee Waiver be considered for your account.  If the voucher qualifies, the waiver will be manually added and you will be contacted so you may complete your application including the required Conduct and Competency Questionnaire. If the voucher does not qualify, DPI will contact you for an alternate form of payment.

Related Information

Wisconsin Act 210 (effective July 1, 2012) pertaining to license renewal provides the following benefits for a service member who holds a license issued by DPI:

  • Any license that a service member holds does not expire on the expiration date of the license, if the service member is on active duty on the expiration date.
  • Any license that the spouse of a service member holds does not expire on the expiration date, if the service member is on active duty on the expiration date, and the spouse does not practice under the license during the same period because the service member is on active duty.
  • At no cost, the license shall be extended or renewed until the next date that the license normally expires or for the period such license is normally issued, IF:
    • The service member or spouse requests an extension or renewal within 180 days after the service member is discharged from active duty, AND
    • The service member or spouse provides a copy of the federal (DD214) or state (NGB53) document that specifies when the service member was called into active duty and when the service member was discharged from active duty.
  • If the license is renewed or extended within 180 days before the next date the license would normally expire, the service member or spouse may do so without complying with the continuing education requirements if complying with such requirements in the period before the license expires would cause the service member or spouse undue hardship. Once renewed or extended, DPI may require the service member or spouse to comply with any professional growth requirements within a reasonable time after receipt of the license.


Q: Where does a veteran get information about the eligibility code process?

A: WDVA Fee Waiver Program

Q: How does a veteran get the eligibility code?

A: Eligibility applications for a Veterans Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver are made through WDVA. Veterans may use WDVA paper form (WDVA 2230, Eligibility Application – Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver), either the Word version or the PDF version. The veteran should submit the completed application to the address at the top of the form, ATTN: Eligibility Section. Once program eligibility has been established, WDVA will notify the veteran and provide them with the eligibility code.

Q: Where does a veteran go if they have questions regarding the eligibility code process?

A: WDVA provides the Veterans Benefits Resource Center which offers support via WDVA website, phone - (608) 266-1311/ (800) 947-8387 and email. WDVA eligibility staff will address these questions.

More information about Act 210 can be found on WDVA Website: Professional/Occupational Licensure Renewal.