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Free and Reduced Meal Applications


Parents or guardians that wish to apply for free or reduced price meal benefits must contact the school where your child attends to obtain the appropriate Federal Child Nutrition Program applications.

Application Materials

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SFAs are required to distribute Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application packets to all households in the district on or around the beginning of the school year, but not before July 1.
The following documents must be included in the packet:
For instructions on how to fill out an application, please view the Filling out the Household Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals webcast.


If application materials are needed in languages other than those noted above (i.e. Limited English Proficiency (LEP)), please visit the USDA FNS Translated Applications webpage or contact the DPI School Nutrition Team at 608-267-9228. The USDA 'I Speak' Statements can help SFAs identify specific language needs.
To make changes to the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application, please send an email describing the edits to After reviewing the request, DPI will send you an unprotected version of the application.

Online Applications

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If an SFA uses an online application, the software vendor distributing these applications to households must be DPI approved. The approved vendor listing is updated annually. As a reminder, applications cannot be posted or distributed prior to July 1.


Read Approved Vendor List
Vendor Date Approved
Currently under review Currently under review

Income Eligibility Guidelines

The Income Eligibility Guidelines for School Year 2022-2023 are for school staff only and are used in the processing of Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications. SFAs utilizing a software system for approval of applications should confirm the system uses the current guidelines.

Independent Review of Applications

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that demonstrate high levels of or are at a high risk for administrative error associated with certification and benefit issuance, are required to conduct a second review of all applications received by October 31. SFAs are notified if they are required to conduct a second review.