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Vended Meals Agreement


Vended meals agreement

A vended meals agreement is established when a school contracts with a private company (also referred to as a vendor) for the purpose of providing meals. The vendor is not involved in any aspect of managing Child Nutrition Programs. This type of agreement must be competitively procured. 

Base Year


Step 1: Draft a Solicitation Document


Step 2: Solicit Bids or Offers

List of Known Vended Meal Companies

Step 3: Evaluate, Award, and Maintain Records


Informal Small Purchase (3 Bids and a Buy) Award Criteria:

  • Responsive
  • Responsible
  • Lowest Bid

For additional information, including Formal Procurement Method award criteria, review the Procurement Methods Comparison Chart.

Step 4: Complete the Signed Agreement 

PI 6302A Vended Meals Agreement

​Example of Completed Vended Meals Agreement