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Procurement Review


A Procurement Review (PR) will be conducted of each School Food Authority (SFA) within an Administrative Review (AR) cycle (i.e. once every five years). Documentation requested during the PR will come from the prior school year. Use the materials below to prepare.

Review Forms

School Food Authority (SFA) Forms

These forms are completed by the SFA once requested by the reviewer. The SFA will explain their procurement activity in the nonprofit school food service account and submit supporting records, like bids, solicitations, invoices, procurement manual, etc. 

Instructions to Download and Complete PR Forms

Reviewer Checklists

These checklists are used by State Agency (SA) reviewers to audit each procurement conducted by the SFA. SFAs can use these checklists as a tool during the procurement planning process to verify that all required steps are taken and that proper documentation is maintained.


Randy Jones

Assistant Director School Nutrition Team
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Jessica Oele, MS, RDN, CD

Contracts Specialist
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Lera Karns

Contracts Specialist
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Kassidy Wright 
Contract Specialist