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Afterschool Snack Program (ASP)

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Afterschool Snack

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) offers reimbursement to eligible schools so that students can receive snacks after the end of the school day. Afterschool snacks give students a nutritional boost and include them in supervised activities that are safe, fun and filled with learning opportunities. 

In the Afterschool Snack Program (ASP), students participating in afterschool enrichment activities are claimed by eligibility category (free, reduced, or paid) when a reimbursable snack is selected. 


Area Eligible Afterschool Snack

An Afterschool Snack Program can participate as "area eligible" if it is located at a school or in the attendance area of a school where at least 50 percent of the enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced price meals.

In an Area Eligible Afterschool Snack Program, all students participating in afterschool enrichment activities are claimed in the free eligibility category when a reimbursable snack is selected. 
Once a site qualifies for area eligible snack, it qualifies for five years. 

Program Requirements

To be eligible for reimbursement under the ASP, the program must:
  • Be operated by an SFA or RCCI that participates in the NSLP. The SFA must retain financial, administrative, and managerial responsibility of the ASP.
  • Provide organized, supervised, and educational enrichment activities designed with the purpose of caring for students in an afterschool setting.
  • Have at least one afterschool enrichment activity must be open to all students at the site operating the ASP.
  • Operate only after the school day has ended. Snacks cannot be reimbursed in programs operated before or during the school day.
  • Operate the program only on days school is in session, which includes academic summer school days. Snacks are not reimbursable on weekends, holidays, or during school vacations.

Meal Pattern

The meal pattern for ASP is different in comparison to breakfast and lunch. To determine which meal pattern (K-12 or CACFP) must be followed for participating grades/ages, use the ASP Meal Pattern decision flowchart above.



Point of Service Records for Afterschool Snack:

Point of Service Records for Area Eligible Afterschool Snack Program:

ASP On-site Monitoring:

  • ASP On-site Monitoring Form
    • ASP requires separate on-site monitoring forms to be completed outside of breakfast and lunch. These forms must be completed twice per year. The first on-site monitoring observation must take place within the first four weeks of the program’s start date.

Reimbursement Rates:

Additional Resources:

Legislation and Purpose

On October 31, 1998, President Clinton signed the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-336). This Act expanded the Department of Agriculture's NSLP and CACFP to provide cash reimbursements for snacks served to children and youth in certain afterschool care programs. This Act demonstrates USDA's commitment to supporting afterschool activities aimed at promoting the health and well being of children and youth in our communities.


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Public Health Nutritionist
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