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School Nutrition Summer Training

School Nutrition Summer Training 

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Join the DPI School Nutrition Team for SNST 2024 at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, WI. Gear up for the Summer Olympics and get ready to Go for the Gold with our revamped breakout sessions, inspiring guest speakers, and a special Keynote Session featuring the Kwik Trip Public Relations liaison. Elevate your school meals program for the 2024-25 school year by going the extra mile at SNST 2024!

Our Opening Ceremonies kick off this year's conference the afternoon of Monday, July 15, with classes running through Wednesday, July 17. Stay tuned for the conference schedule and registration, coming in early April. Get ready to champion excellence in school nutrition!

For general SNST questions, contact:

Molly Gregory, RDN, CD
Public Health Nutritionist
(608) 267-9276

Carla Schmitz-Frank, MS, RDN, CD
Public Health Nutritionist
(608) 266-5197
Christina Rothe, RDN, CD
Public Health Nutritionist
Jennifer Tweed, RDN, CD, LD, NDTR
Nutrition Program Consultant
(608) 266-5191