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DPI Required Template Agreements

If a School Food Authority (SFA) is utilizing a 3rd party to manage a food service program and/or provide meals, SFA MUST utilize one of the following Agreement Types listed below. Additionally, please note the corresponding Capacity of each different Agreement Type.
Agreement Type Quick Reference Capacity

Food Service Management Company

Includes both Fixed-Price and Cost-Reimbursable

3rd party vendor manages food service program


  • Provide Food/Meals
  • Provide Supplies/Misc.
  • CAN operate “Point of Service”
  • CAN count claims
  • CAN submit claims

Vended Meal

3rd party vendor provides meals only to SFA

  • Provide Meals
  • Provide Supplies/Misc.
  • CANNOT operate “Point of Service”
  • CANNOT count claims
  • CANNOT submit claims


3rd party (SFA) selling meals to another SFA

  • Provide Meals
  • Provide Supplies/Misc.

Alternate Agreement

3rd party SFA-merge

Capacities can vary


Agreement Type – A list of the different DPI template contracts for a food service operation within the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).  All SFAs are required to utilize one of the agreement types if selecting to use a 3rd party vendor to manage and/or provide meals.

Quick Reference – Short description of each 3rd party relationship type.

Capacity – Services that can or cannot be offered within each different Agreement Type.

Instructions for Completing Template Agreements