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Meal Service Agreements


If a School Food Authority (SFA) is utilizing a 3rd party to manage a food service program and/or provide meals, the SFA must complete one of the agreement types below. The agreement type is completed after conducting a competitive solicitation, as applicable. 

Always consult a legal professional before entering and signing any agreement.

Food Service Management Company

Food Service Management Company

Third party vendor manages food service program
  • Provide Food/Meals
  • Provide Supplies/Misc.
  • CAN operate “Point of Service”
  • CAN count claims
  • CAN submit claims
  • Requires formal procurement (RFP)

Vended meals agreement

Vended Meals

Third party vendor provides meals only to SFA
  • Provide Supplies/Misc.
  • CAN provide labor to serve meals
  • CANNOT operate “Point of Service”
  • CANNOT count claims
  • CANNOT submit claims
  • Requires competitive procurement

Joint Agreement

Joint Meals

Third party SFA selling meals to another SFA
  • Provide Supplies/Misc.
  • CAN provide labor to serve meals
  • Does not require competition, but SFAs are encouraged to compare pricing.

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