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Smart Snacks-RCCI

All food and beverages sold to students during the school day must comply with the Smart Snacks Nutritional Guidelines.

The school day is considered midnight of the instructional day until 30 minutes after the last academic period has ended. A school day may look different at each RCCI depending on the structure of the day or how education is provided. The "school day" may be personalized from student to student depending on their personal schedule and needs. For example, some RCCIs have a shortened school day based on individual student needs. For ease of operation and compliance, it may be best to define an end time that would apply to all residents.

Canteen or commissary is sometimes available to students for food or snack purchases. Ensure these foods meet the Smart Snacks Standards or that they are purchased/delivered 30 minutes after the school day ends.

Please find more information on the DPI Smart Snacks Webpage