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School Breakfast Program (SBP)


School Breakfast Program

More than 8.1 million children across the United States start their day with the School Breakfast Program, a Federal program that provides States with cash assistance for non-profit breakfast programs in schools and residential child care institutions.

a good breakfast can make or break your day quote

-John Muir Middle School

School breakfast is healthy, convenient, and helps students do well in school. Research shows that eating breakfast leads to:

  • Improved academic performance, focus and behavior
  • Higher scores on standardized tests
  • Reduced rates of nurse visits

 Read more about the benefits of school breakfast and why school breakfast matters!

Breakfast Resources

For information about different service and financial models and promotional materials visit the School Breakfast Resources webpage.

More breakfast resources here!

National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) - March 6-10, 2023

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Mark your calendar for next year's National School Breakfast Week, March 6-10, 2023! More information will be posted on our National School Breakfast Week webpage early next year.

Wisconsin School Breakfast Challenge

The Wisconsin School Breakfast Challenge is a state-wide competition to increase participation in the School Breakfast Program. Schools are encouraged to engage with students, school staff, and parents to promote the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast at school. Any school participating in the USDA School Breakfast Program is eligible to participate in the challenge and win prizes. All you need to do is register.

The School Breakfast Challenge will run from February 1st-24th. This year’s challenge is activity-based. All registered schools earn points by completing activities on our Big Cheese Scorecard! Completed scorecards and proof of activities must be submitted by February 28, 2023. The Wisconsin School Breakfast Challenge a great place to start for resources, tips, and information to help you with this challenge. 

Depending upon district enrollment size, schools will compete in one of three categories with each category containing first, second, and third-place prizes. Prizes will be awarded to schools with the most points in their category. To learn more about the Wisconsin Breakfast Challenge, please contact DPI’s School Nutrition Team School Breakfast Specialists at

We continue to send out our heartfelt thanks to all the foodservice professionals and administrators who continue to persevere through adversity to ensure that Wisconsin’s students get the breakfasts they deserve!

Severe Need Breakfast

A school is eligible for severe need reimbursement if 40% or more of the student lunches served at the school in the second preceding school year were served free or at a reduced price. Severe need payment is made on an individual school building basis. Regulations require documentation of eligibility to be maintained on file by the school agency for periodic review. Severe Need Breakfast request submission and approval is now part of the DPI SNT annual online contract renewal.

    School Breakfast Statistics

    Visit the Program Statistics page for various data reports relating to the School Breakfast Program.


    For questions about starting a School Breakfast Program, contact