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Equipment Purchases


Equipment purchased with funds from the nonprofit school food service account with a cost that exceeds the School Food Authority’s (SFA's) capitalization threshold (or $5,000, whichever is less), must receive prior approval.
Equipment purchases are reviewed during Administrative Reviews (ARs) and audits. The School Nutrition Team (SNT) will ensure allowable equipment purchases were made based on the Preapproved Equipment List or the Preapproval Process. If unallowable purchases are identified or are improperly procured, the SNT will determine if a fund transfer from nonfederal sources to the nonprofit school food service account is required.

Preapproval Process

  1. Review the  Equipment Preapproval List. If the equipment purchase is listed, no further action is needed. If the equipment purchase is not on this list, the PI-6206 form must be completed. 
  2. Complete a Equipment Preapproval Request Form (PI-6206) (Instructions)

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