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Special Dietary Needs - RCCI


RCCIs operating the USDA CNP are required to make modifications to accommodate students with disabilities. This includes providing special meals, at no extra charge, to students with a disability which restricts their diet.

Medical Statement for Special Dietary Needs

  • DPI SNT recommends using the Medical Statement - English (Spanish) (Hmong) but at a minimum an authorized medical statement must include:
    • An explanation of how the child’s physical or mental impairment restricts the child's diet
    • The food(s) to be avoided
    • The food or choice of foods that must be substituted
    • The statement must be signed by a state authorized medical provider, which is a health care provider that can write a prescription in the state of WI.

Special Dietary Needs Example Policy

  • The USDA requires RCCIs to have written procedural safeguards for providing meal accommodations. The School Nutrition Team has created an example Special Dietary Needs policy that can be used at your RCCI. Please note, this template should be thoroughly reviewed and modified to fit the needs of your program.
  • Special Dietary Needs Example Policy

Fluid Milk Substitutions

  • RCCIs may offer students a fluid milk substitute that is nutritionally equivalent to cow's milk without a signed medical statement.
  • An RCCI may choose to offer lactose free dairy milk with no prior approval. To provide a fluid milk substitute such as soymilk, prior approval must be obtained from the DPI SNT by completing this form:
  • For guidance, training, and resources, please visit the DPI Special Dietary Needs Webpage.