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Wisconsin School Day Milk Program (WSDMP)


The Wisconsin School Day Milk Program (WSDMP) was created by the Wisconsin Legislature to reimburse schools for a portion of their costs for serving milk at a milk break to Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 students who are eligible for free or reduced price meals. Only one half-pint of milk may be claimed per eligible student per school day. By State law, no charge can be made to those students who qualify for free and reduced price meals and are receiving free milk under the WSDMP. Milk served to paid students at the milk break in Grades Pre-K through 5, and students in Grades 6-12, is not eligible for reimbursement.

The WSDMP is a state-funded program. The non-profit food service account may not absorb costs from the WSDMP. If paid status students are not charged for the full cost of milk, a transfer from non-federal funds must be made to the food service account. If milk served to students is claimed under the federal Special Milk Program (SMP), it may not be claimed under the WSDMP.

Written documentation should be on file that the individual student is allergic to milk or has a metabolic disorder or other condition that prohibits the consumption of milk. Juice is the only acceptable and claimable substitute for the WSDMP. The juice substitute should be 100% full strength juice and in an 8 fl oz portion.

Schools who wish to participate in the WSDMP

Schools who wish to participate in the WSDMP can elect this program on their online school nutrition contract. By adding WSDMP to your SFA's school nutrition contract, you are attesting to the WSDMP Permanent Agreement.


Tanya Kirtz
Nutrition Program Consultant

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Nutrition Program Consultant
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