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Building and Planting Workshop

building and planting

Workshop Details

The second workshop in the Lifecycle of Farm to School training series, Building and Planting was held on Thursday, April 7, 2022. During this workshop we explored different types of gardens and gardening methods and what to consider when planting a garden.

Workshop Objectives Include:

  • Identify foods your SFA would like to produce in the garden.​
  • Assess space to use for the garden and identify the type of garden most suitable for the school. ​
  • Identify a team that can assist with building and planting the garden. ​
  • Gain knowledge and resources to plant your school garden.

Benefits to Building and Planting a Garden:


Food Service Benefits

  • Cost savings ​
  • Provides access to locally-grown foods​
  • Expands variety of menu offerings​
  • Can provide better tasting, high quality food​
  • Increased participation in school meals ​
  • Higher confidence in food safety of foods served

General Benefits

  • Community engagement
  • Promotes life-long healthy eating habits
  • Provides outdoor activity for students
  • Creates enthusiasm in students about fresh produce


Building and Planting In a Nutshell

Building and Planting Action Plan

Building and Planting Presentation: The full PowerPoint presentation from the live workshop. 

Hoop House Video: Overview of Hoop House or High Tunnel Gardening

Options for Gardens e-learning: Identify what type or style of garden is most suitable for the space at your school.

Resource to Find Assistance with Building a Garden: Ideas for who you can partner with for different types of gardens.

Resource to Find Materials for Building and Planting your school garden.

Planting in Hoop House Video: Overview of planting in a hoop house.

Produce Growing Information e-learning: Identify what types of produce you would like to grow and learn tips for growing a variety of vegetables and fruit.