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Garden Maintenance

garden maintenance

Workshop Details

The third workshop in the Lifecycle series, Garden Maintenance, was held on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. This workshop provided the skills, resources, tools and connections to carry a school garden from planting to harvesting, from June into school meals in September. The Garden Maintenance workshop featured expert guidance on each aspect of caring for the school garden, supportive group discussions, time to trade information and ideas with other school staff, food safety and self-care tips, and included a celebration of Wisconsin School Garden Day!

Workshop Objectives Include:
  • Gain knowledge and resources to maintain a school garden throughout the summer months​
  • Assess tools and materials needed to maintain a school garden
  • Understand the importance of observation in determining the garden maintenance needs
  • Gain knowledge on what impacts the health of your school garden and food production
  • Learn about self-care and safety to ensure a joyful garden experience

Benefits of Garden Maintenance

Food Service Benefits

  • Healthier plants = better yields and more foods for your school meals​

  • Sense of self sufficiency for your school meals program

  • Sustains school gardens through summer months

General Benefits

  • Physical benefits of fresh air & movement​
  • Emotional benefits of mood, self-esteem and attention span
  • Agricultural and Nutritional education
  • Community engagement
  • Building Life Skills