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Paper Claims

An agency should only submit a paper claim when:
  • The SFA needs to modify an existing claim that has already been “paid” or “processed”.
  • The SFA is blocked from submitting online claims by DPI and needs to submit a claim to meet the 60 calendar day cut-off deadline.
To submit a paper claim, email the original or modified site-based claim excel template as an attachment, or fax the printed excel template to the attention of:
DPI Accounting
Federal and State Grants Program
Fax: 608-267-9207
Remember to submit a paper claim for each program, in which your SFA participates.
SFAs should allow ample time prior to the 60 calendar day cut-off deadlines to submit a claim should there be unforeseen technical issues. A late claim cannot be paid with federal funds unless the DPI grants a one-time exception. Only one exception may be granted per program every 36 months. The Federal and State Grants Program of DPI must approve all exception corrective action plans.