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FSMC Guidance Memos

FSMC Policy and Guidance Memos
Policy Number Name Date
SP 40-2016

Updated Guidance: Contracting with Food Service Management Companies

Jun 2016
SFSP 12-2016 SFSP Participation by SFAs under contract with a FSMC May 2016
SP 35-2016 Bonding Requirements for FSMC and other Subcontractors May 2016
SP 33-2012

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Fees in FSMC Contracts

May 2012
DPI Memo

Determining whether to hire a Food Service Operations Consultant or a FSMC

Apr 2011

Guidance Reaffirming the Requirement that State agencies and School Food Authorities Periodically Review Food Service Management Company Cost Reimbursable Contracts and Contracts Associated with USDA Foods

Feb 2013
SP 21-2008 Prototype Language for Return of Discounts, Rebates and Credits to SFAs May 2008
SP 15-2008 Allowability of Procurement Fees in SFA Contracts Mar 2008
Memo # 03-08 Clarification Concerning FSMC Cost Reimbursable Contracts (FY 03 School and Community Nutrition Programs Policy) Jan 2003
Memo  #19-00 FSMC Procurement Responsibilities (FY 00 Nutrition Education and School Meals Policy) Jan 2001
Memo  #6 Executive Management Services, Inc. (FY 99 School Programs) Dec 1998

Memo #4


Requirement to Competitively Rebid for FSMC After Joining NSLP (FY 1994 School Program Policy)

Apr 1994


Memo #05-04

Reaffirming FNS’ Position on Rebates, Discounts, and Other Applicable Credits in Cost Reimbursable Contracts

Nov 2004


FSMC Prototype Contract Renewal/Amendment

Aug 2010