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Composting Workshop


Workshop Details

The sixth workshop in the Lifecycle of Farm to School training series, Composting was held virtually on Thursday, March 2, 2023. During this workshop, participants learned about the available compost systems, the ideal conditions for composting, and how to establish partnerships in their school.

Workshop Objectives Include:

  • Learn the benefits of using compost in the school garden.

  • Address the impacts of composting on the environment for sustainability.

  • Identify the steps of composting.

  • Understand the optimal conditions and systems for composting.

  • Identify partners with composting in the school (i.e., environmental and sustainability clubs, custodial staff, building and grounds staff).

  • Choose how to engage in composting at your school.

Benefits to Composting:
  • Converts a school’s food scraps and yard waste into natural fertilizer that can then be added to school gardens and lawns.

  • Enriches soil, helps retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests.

  • Provides opportunities for hands-on learning activities (i.e., waste audits, measuring compost variables, compost experiments, provides a collaboration between food service and other departments).

  • Diverts waste from the landfill and prevents the production of methane gas.