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School Nutrition Bulletin 1920-22

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Announcements from the WI DPI School Nutrition Team (SNT)

  • Updates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Updates from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) School Nutrition Team

Updates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Professional Standards Training Tracker Tool
USDA Team Nutrition appreciates receiving your feedback on the Tracking Tool and works continuously to enhance the user experience.
Creating and editing your own training titles is now easier than ever! With the latest update to the Professional Standards Training Tracking Tool (PSTTT), users have the capability to edit training information after creating a new training title within the current school year. Your newly created training title will now autofill when logging training using the Enter Training feature.
The new Training Title List feature located under the Training tab on the toolbar allows users to easily search available training titles, enter new training, and delete any user-created training all from one location. To protect the training history of employees, users are unable to delete created training titles if it has been recorded as a part of an employee’s training history.
For assistance using the PSTTT, contact
COVID-19: Nationwide Waiver Response #9: Nationwide Waiver of Onsite Monitoring Requirements in the School Meals Programs - Revised
This policy memorandum is a revision of the original waiver published on March 27, 2020. This waiver now includes a waiver of the requirement at 7 CFR 210.18(c) that the onsite portion of the Administrative Review must be completed during the school year in which the review was begun. Wisconsin has elected to participate in this waiver. It gives the State agency the option to choose to conduct the onsite portion of the Administrative Review at a later time. This waiver remains in effect until June 30, 2020.
USDA Policy Memorandum SP 20-2020: Questions and Answers on the Nationwide Waiver to Extend Unanticipated School Closure Operations through June 30, 2020
This policy memorandum provides clarifications on questions related to the operation of Food Service Management Company contracts, monitoring during Administrative Reviews, and allowable costs (especially important when thinking about what your operation will look like moving forward).

Updates from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) School Nutrition Team


New School Nutrition Team Resources!
  • Interactive breakfast menu planning production records
  • Interactive lunch menu planning production records

These are all-in-one menu planning production record tools intended to help food service directors create a menu that meets the meal pattern while completing documentation. Up to two entrée choices can be entered, along with serving sizes and crediting of menu items. Each day and week calculates crediting totals to determine if the menu has met the meal pattern. Information then auto populates to the production record tabs. These two new resources are located on the Production Records webpage. For a demonstration on how these tools work, watch the Production Record course, which will be available Monday, July 6. For further questions, please contact Janelle Winter (email:

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This is a communication from the WI Department of Public Instruction, School Nutrition Team.
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