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Food Service Management Company (FSMC)

Food Service Management Company (FSMC)

Food Service Management Company
A commercial enterprise or non-profit organization (including a SFA) that provides meals and manages any or all aspects of school food service operations are considered Food Service Management Companies (FSMCs) and should not be confused with services requiring the use of Vendor or Joint Agreements.
With school authorization and approval an FSMC may manage certain areas of the schools’ food services including:
  • “Point of Service” – Point of Service means that point in the food service operation where a determination can accurately be made that a reimbursable free, reduced price or paid lunch has been served to an eligible child,
  • claims counting, and
  • submission of claims for reimbursement.
Schools that choose to contract with a FSMC must follow the specific guidelines/requirements and use the required templates.

Food Service Management Company (FSMC)Template RFPs/Contracts

Instructions for using template FSMC contracts

Legal Notice: Always consult a legal professional before entering and signing any agreement.

  1. Download the appropriate Request for Proposal (RFP) (Fixed Price FSMC RFP or Cost Reimbursable FSMC RFP)
  2. Save the RFP document and spreadsheet to your computer with the file name of “your school district/school” and “FSMC”
    • For example: Hillside_School_District_fsmc.doc
  3. The SFA will then edit the RFP document and spreadsheet as needed and save it with changes.
  4. Important Calendar Timelines:
    • 10 days (minimum) from the date the RFP is released until the Pre-Proposal Conference/Site Visit
    • 1 day for the Pre-Proposal Conference/Site Visit
    • 10 days (minimum) from the date of the Pre-Proposal Conference until when proposals are due.
  5. Send edited RFP document and spreadsheet as an attachment to Laura Paella, Operations Program Associate, via email to:
  6. Edits will be reviewed and school will be contacted by DPI with possible edits.
    • The process to review RFP can take up to two weeks.
    • SFA will need to factor DPI review time into its timeline for awarding the FSMC contract.
    • If no edits are required, RFP will still be reviewed but returned right away.
    • Email will serve as documentation that DPI reviewed the RFP prior to soliciting proposals
  7. SFA will use this reviewed RFP to solicit competitive proposals from FSMCs.
  8. RFP and RFP Attachments (Excel spreadsheet) will collectively serve as the “Contract” with winning FSMC.
​Submit to DPI for review prior to execution of contract
  • Copy of newspaper advertisement
  • List of potential offerors along with any additional documents sent to them
  • Attendance list of the pre-proposal meeting
  • List of all questions and answers from pre-proposal meeting
  • Correspondence from potential offerors opting not to submit proposals
  • Prototype RFP and evaluation summary
  • Evaluation Criteria (Scoring grid) analysis and documentation
  • Any addendums or amendments a FSMC is requesting to be added to the contract/RFP 

FSMC Policy and Guidance Memos