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Financial Management

 AIDS Banking

Please make sure you have completed your banking information at the Aids Banking System to receive payments via ACH (direct deposit) from DPI. This includes all payments from DPI, not just those for Food Service. The only exclusion would be payments received for the Choice Program.

2016-2017 State Aid Payments

Schools participating in the National School Lunch (NSL), School Breakfast (SB or SB-Severe), Elderly Nutrition (EN), and/or Wisconsin School Day Milk (WMMP) Programs

AIDS Register

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Annual Food Service Financial Report

Please visit the Reporting webpage to submit the Annual Financial Report.

New Annual Food Service Financial Report School Year 2016-17


Excess Cash Balance

  • 2018 Excess Cash Balance Form This form is only required from SFAs that have been notified by the SNT as having a year ending fund balance that is greater than three months’ worth of operating expenses. 

Indirect Costs (Wisconsin does not allow indirect costs to be charged to the school food service fund.)

Non-Program Food Revenue