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October 15 Certification of General School Aids

Friday, October 13, 2023

We have posted the 2023-24 October 15 General School Aid Certifications. There is a link on the SFS homepage or you can go directly to the October 15 page with summaries by district and percentage change. This annual aid certification is required by law. Updated versions of the Excel aid worksheets are also available on the General Aid Worksheets page.

This year's aid certification uses shared cost, membership, and equalized value factors from 2022-23. Aid membership was 975 FTE (0.1 percent) lower than the prior year. When combined with overall increases in shared cost and equalized values, the secondary cost ceiling (90 percent of the state average) increased by 2.2 percent to $11,194 per member, the secondary guaranteed value increased by 18.0 percent to $1,984,342 per member and the tertiary guaranteed value (state average) increased by 14.1 percent to $861,627 per member.

To see how a given district’s membership, spending, and value per member change over time, see our Longitudinal Equalization Aid workbook.

For questions about this information, contact Ben Kopitzke (608) 267-9279